What kind of dodo coop do you have?

I keep this circular coop. I like it because it is compact - making it easy to go up and down, and side to side quickly. Also having some irregular sized areas means I can keep more of the dodos I want in the larger areas. It also holds every breed of dodo.

I decided not to use gates to separate the different types of dodos, as gates can be picked up on accident, mixing up dodos you might’ve wanted to keep separate.

As you can see from the picture, most of the areas are empty. I only keep the type of dodos whose resources I need - otherwise feeding/collecting eggs/taming can really become a hassle.

I don’t kill my dodos, so when I no longer need a particular type I set them free then release them to the apple grove next to the coop where they can live out their short little lives running free. I collect anything they drop after they pass. [f] for my feathery friends.

All areas have a shelf to store eggs and drops. When I have collected enough eggs I take them to be processed for materials. Only the areas in use need a feeder chest.

What do you think?? Would you use this coop?

How do you keep your dodos? Please post your own pics and let us know how it works for you!




You’ve made me want to build one now… :hammer_and_pick:


Great! I’d love to see it! :grin::+1:

I built an entire castle for my dodos once XD
I miss Cheri, she sadly passed away on an ocean expedition 30 bh years ago. (so like a month ago in our time XD)


f’s for Cheri
A castle?? I gotta see this! :laughing::european_castle:

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