What made you stay on the Blockheads forums?


I’ve never seen discussion continue so long after the peak of a game :smiley:

What makes you share your life here :smiley:

The tech – easy to reply via email & stuff – easy to use forum?
The memories?
The people/friendships?


That one mostly like @Masterbuilder and @Thuthu and @PorkyTheChop and several others


The main reason for me is that it’s the main forum for a game I am still heavily into playing every day.
Tech-wise, it is a nice, clean and easy to use forum.
And I know so many of the people here, it feels like home.




I stay here because the game isn’t dead. It is still active, so it makes sense that the forums are active too.


Nothing, I didn’t stay. I just visit sometimes.


I stay for other reasons.


I don’t even know :joy:
But it feels nice here.


i keep on telling myself i’ll leave the forums due to a lack of interest nowadays but i ended up lurking. whoops.


Mostly because I don’t have Facebook (nor want it), also because of great people like Milla, jemni, etc…


I’m just used to checking in and seeing what’s going on. Also yes, it’s easy to use, so that gets points, too.

I still play the game as well, so I check the forums with um…a sort of fear that I’ll see an announcement that it’s shutting down, or something…
Staying informed, y’know.


The community. This community is onone of those that you’ll rarely find: kind, courteous, and respectful. Most other forum communities I’ve been to had mediocre moderation and a toxic community. This one is a rare exception.

That is why I’m still here.

Oh, and the moderation here is as professional as you can get.


Get Twitter then.


What do you mean? The servers?


Because I love @RedEagle


Oooooooooo! :blush:


The game. It’s not going to be around forever. Although I guess maybe it’s possible to keep singleplayer around? I don’t know.


Singleplayer I can see staying for a while after the servers shut down, yes.


I stay on the forums because it’s a great way to see what new servers around, as well as getting to know the community. I’ve made heaps of friends here as well as in game. Thanks Dave and milla for making this game and the forums. And thanks to the community for bringing it to life.



I run a lot of stuff on here and need to see if it crashes :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoy finding tech problems with BH that people have, then fixing them.

Also, the community is awesome.