What makes a good admin?



I’ve been seeing admins not doing their job; it’s very frustrating and upsetting how someone thinks they can say and do whatever they want just because they’re higher in power, or have a high place in power. :frowning: Of course, this is a problem in the real world too, but this is different from the real world because it can be controlled. For example @SHINYCRYSTAL. She was abused on a server because an admin kept on banning her. I’m just upset because this has been going on. There’s a saying that says “with great power comes with great responsibility”, meaning that you have to use you have to use your admin powers the right way, and not just do whatever you want.
This will be a thread for what makes an admin an admin. I’ll start: is active on your server.


In my opinion, trust is the most important thing that comes to mind when picking players to become admins. Do you trust the person or not?


Is patient, and not aggressive.


An admin should be honest to the owner.


A good admin should not undermine the owner’s rules, but enforce them.


A good admin should be one that is engaged in the server, whilst still enforcing the rules when necessary.

Like, on Atmos, the admins were, for the most part, really helpful and encouraging, nice people that made the server’s community aspect welcoming. They were ready to help with ownership signs, and didn’t mind doing things like donating trade portals. When it came time to enforce rules, they did, and in a fair way.
More than anything though, they were engaged in the server. A lot of the admins on the server were builders. Many of them were superb at it, and it felt as if they enjoyed the server as much as the players they helped.
Because, it’s easier to be an admin on a server you love 100% than admin on a server that you’re just there on


A good admin is somebody the rest of the player base can look up to, particularly new players. I think that one of an admin’s main jobs is to help new players find things and suchlike.


Good admins (like me) must help people, enforce rules on them, not kill them, not kick/ban them unless they break a rule (including hacking and profanity rules), etc.


For me,they should not abuse their powers,help people out,enforce rules,have self-discipline and must do their job.


There are two sides to every story. You have no idea if that admin was arbitrarily banning her for no reason. You are just taking her word as gospel. I have found it very rare for someone to ban for absolutely no reason. Just saying.

btw if an admin won’t fly to my home state to help me move I won’t admin them. I change apartments every couple of years so this is mandatory.