What phone do you guys have?

Probably going to have biased results considering BH isn’t on the play store anymore

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Possibly, but people don’t just use their smartphones to play mobile games. :lol:

That’s what iPads are for. Just chonky phones

They’re often used as media consumption devices.

I have Samsung flip flop andddddd. The Nokia N95

technically my phone is a smartphone because it can access the internet, but it is a flip-phone

iPhone 8+
I got the + size specifically for BH (other games too, but mainly BH). I don’t have a tablet, so having a larger phone size screen was a huge deal for me :joy:

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has the largest display of any iPhone, so that’s something to consider. :wink:

At that point it’s an iPad mini

No, it really isn’t.

Mmmm basically just a tad smaller

Again, nope. The display dimensions are completely different.

Yea that’s fair. Dunno I just don’t see the point in getting an iPhone 13 just for what, a bigger camera? Heck I’m just going to save memes not photograph weddings!

ProMotion? :question:

No I am fine with my job position :lol:

Good grief… :man_facepalming:

Yea we do a little dad-joking

What are you talking about I’m from the future and I use an iFold 4.

(Sarcasm warning)

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and i use a CyberPhone Bot v1.26, i come from the year 3021

had to, on topic though, no one can argue that even if the context is a joke