What pixel art should I build?


Idk what pixel art to build so I would like some suggestions please


A giant blockhead?


A girl holding an umbrella?


Something original and creative. You don’t need to ask people for “what should I do?” Ask yourself. And once you get the inspiration, draw what you want it to look like and then build it.

Art takes weeks to give you motivation


Exactly. Stay up all night because most of the time you get good ideas in the middle of the night.
I know from experience


Good idea! I’ll do that.

You’re right, I don’t need to ask people. I want to. I want different ideas for what to build from someone that isn’t me.


Okay then… if you insist ideas…
This is my idea: a meme


Make ur profile pic a pixel art


A cupcake?




Create your initials in the sky, decorate it and post a screen capture of it on the forums.

Start from here then start making cartoon pixel art of your favourite shows and series.


A rickroll? Or a Giant Enemy Crab


Another idea:
A giant neon cat.
Neon cat theme song plays suddenly


Doodle something, obssess over it for the amount of time you deem appropriate, and convert it into pixel art.


Pickle Rick


Make a pixel art of the first thing that comes to mind


If I wasn’t being personal, you could draw a red fox. HINT: No red paint.