What’s the best way to protect a server?


If someone wants to keep their server as safe as possible, what’s the best way to do so?


I would whitelist it and only add people on forums…


Protection signs, protection signs, protection signs.

Plus a ban hammer if needed


Anyone else?


Protection signs


Make a private Mac server that has a whitelist and a password. Use a password generator, and don’t share it with anyone. Also, don’t whitelist anyone, and definitely don’t give out the IP and port. Or even tell anyone that it exists.

Maybe that’s a little overkill.


As safe as possible?
Make it G and no one can even say hell, heck, or darn.
Make the rules super super strict
No admins
No mods
And you get the 5 year old audience everyone loves.


More than just protection signs.


Choose fewer admins, like what Thuthu does, quality over quantity.


Titanium blocks. Iron blocks. Steel blocks.


Join ROP


Maybe a Messagebot for my own opinion they can ban people who threatening players but I don’t know what actually words will be it and it need enough of mod active day and night not saying to be active 24hrs I mean modding players from over the country but who knows if you see a player can be online at the day you were on and trusted could be mod and the night to you player always there even middle night because the player time to his country afternoon or morning with trusted could be mod as long the server can be check by mods or staffs. If the server doing fine. :slight_smile:


Don’t let anyone join
It can’t get destroyed if no one can get on it


Pause Menu > Options > World Options > World Modification > Disabled


Custom - World Modification
Vanilla - Protection Signs

I do not recommend whitelisting as less players would join your world and therefore, safety would turn out useless. Also, increasing the width and length of protection signs will save time and money of making protecting signs.


turn spawn into snakes and peppa pig so no one can ever spawn in…


build statues of guardians everywhere, the griefers will be scared and run away.


Don’t recreate my nightmares