What’s the purpose of brighter numbers next to a topic?


So I noticed that some of the topics have brighter numbers next to them:
My question is… what purpose does it serve? Does it show popularity?


I’ve always noticed that myself, but I’m not sure.


I think the brighter it is, the higher the like to post ratio…
EDIT:I think there’s 3 stage:
stage 1:grey colored-normal,just replies
stage 2:brown-very high like to post ratio
stage3:gold-EXTREMELY high like to post ratio

I think it means the like count is more than the post count



Hmm okay. That is something to ask Mills or Dave…


maybe its how often posts are made in that thread.




It is the number of replies to the topic (thread). The colour turns from grey to red and orange as the number increases.

In desktop view you can see it’s called “replies”.

Edit: What I said about the colours obviously is not true. Actually there a few high numbers in black.
And maybe I misread the question. It was about the colours in the first place, not about the meaning of the numbers? :see_no_evil:


But then why is 33 replies dimmer than 10 replies?


Ermmmmmm maybe it shows how many times the post has been viewed? Not everybody likes or replies to a comment so the number could get brighter based on how many people viewed the post…?


Edit: According to the post link below on the Discourse forums, it is defaultly the the like to post ratio. @milla may have changed it for this forum. So posts that may consider to be helpful are in red.