What’s the worst way you guys have died in a single player world?

I once saw a huge collection of gems leading down to what looked like a cave. I dropped down to find that it was a huge pit. (This was on a long journey to try to go around the world) I died and I had to restart the journey all the way back at spawn.

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Did you not grab onto the wall when picking gems?

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The gems were dead center and they led down so I made the dumb assumption of just leaping.

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I went AFK while in a camp I made very very far away from spawn, I made it next to the desert when I forgot scorpions exist and yeah I got destroyed by them.

getting gunned down by a group of scorpions


once I starved to death

That’s the #1 problem in expert mode:
You keep starving if you’re a beginner

one block away from being in safety in a jetpack, fell at least 150 blocks, only wearing a jetpack, no way out

context is i believe i was making a giant pit, no walls to grab onto and i didn’t realize i was out of fuel in my inventory until it was too late


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Mining out of a cave that led to an ocean in the surface, only seconds later to find a gang of sharks brutally eating me alive.

sometimes after accidentally queue 100 pairs of stone stairs and tapping tc option trying to cancel, or destroying gem tree, mixing up tall and short breeds to auto join stack (tap instead of drag still moves into other container) just feel dead inside

OOF times 99999999999999999999999999999999999999

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