What’s your guys proudest build

Mines either Obama care in “the ghetto” server, (first building to the right of spawn”) it’s basically one big building but full of water and steam generators so it’s one giant healing pool. Also in “for the Worthy” under spawn there is my massive base. Follow caves to get there or just dig. It’s right under spawn. Can’t provide screen shots at this time.Anyway what’s your guys best build?

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Still one of my proudest builds to this day, back in 2014, Bibliophile and I built a gigantic cave troll spawn, built, painted, and lit to scale. This baby was massive, with a small regular cave troll in the belly button of the build.

This was from before Owner signs, so it is made entirely from steel blocks.

Mind the terrible photo, only way to get it all in one shot.


Wow that’s amazing! You are a master at the art of building and graphic design


You are too kind haha thank you


hey, my brother used to play the blockheads recently on his apple device (he didn’t let me because it was his device, and my android can’t get it anyway). he thought “Obamacare” was funny too. I didn’t know it was made by you

Really? What’s his user lmao glad to see someone with good taste

his username was random letters, he eventually got bored of the game after a few days though

Yea… that happens to most. This game is for the strongest willed

Healthcare in a ghetto? If only that was a thing! :lol:

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Lmao. Obama care provides for all. Notsponseredbyobamacare