What should i do next

im wondering wat i should name my new server list name suggestions and if u want to play in it

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fish woods

Isn’t that the name of the first ever cloud server? :smile:

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yup lol

Axe Castles

i did a wheel and u one it was 50 50 so yeah

server will be created in a 24 hour time lol

the name will be AXE CASTLE so stay tuned ill be creating it with in the next 24h

Winner of what?


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the server name is axe castle i dont know why the person picked it but thats the name

This thread makes no sense. What it is it about, please?

Winner of what?

Wild guess, they’re giving away a server for free?

I don’t know

Earlier TronElite made this thread:

He got two responses, one of which was:

He ended up selecting Axe Castle, non plural. I always assumed this thread was just announcing which name he chose, due to this response:

Apparently he chose it at random, judging from the other thread. But maybe there’s more to it.

Merged in second thread about the same thing.

yeah im new to this well was new to it so??

So nothing. I was answering JesuisManuel, whose post you can still see above mine.

i dunno i forgot lol