What Spawn?


So I know I was going to make a bronze spawn but scrap that idea. How should I make the Taj Mahal. I have a design I will be going by but should I use marble, plaster, luminous plaster, or limestone. I’m personally thinking plaster.


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hmmmm…whatever you like?
well, whatever suits the other blocks better


Plaster, but luminous would look kind of epic.


All of them. Only on block gets boring


Marble looks better than all the other ones


The taj mahal out of plaster is like the empire state building is built out of plastic.

And btw this is what plaster would look like in reality:

The Taj Mahal is originally built using white marble. But I think limestone would look better as it has a brick texture.


Nice presentation, but this isn’t real life, it is a game.


Plaster would be the best option.


Plaster and luminous plaster are just too solid… it’s all the same.


My suggestions:
Use limestone as a building base, with indents for marble floors and basic marble construction (walls, pillars, etc.). Make the backwalls and upper portions out of plaster, possibly alternating with marble, and the domes out of luminous plaster (regardless of if you put a room there or not).

Just remember, variety is your friend. :wink:


All the above
But make limestone the block you use the modt, and use the other blocks when you need a change from it

Plaster’s texture is too smooth

Marble looks bad alone Without hd, and too pretty in hd

Limestone connects well and has a realistic color
But would look dull without other blocks supporting it


Who told you this misinformation?


I can think for myself.


What a sad life that would be…


The block “plaster” is smooth in game, it does not reflect reality.