What to do when bored in tbh

Bored at home? Nothing to do? Well here’s a list of things to do in your single player, or multiplayer server

If you own a server or are an admin, remodel spawn!
Try to learn something new about the game!
Create all the colors of paint!
Redo the welcome message!
Build a huge house!
Improve your building skills!
Make friends!
Make a base, part above ground, part underground and also part underwater!
Get every animal you can get, and breed them!
Breed dodos and donkeys!
Play around!
Make friends!
Destroy something so you can rebuild it pointlessly!
Single Player
Make a city!
Collect animals!
Get all the paint colors!
Go treasure hunting!
Go all the way around the world!
Get a diamond portal!
Dig to lava!
Go mining!
Get a jetpack!
Make a dance floor!
Collect 99 of each gem and ore block!

Those will keep you occupied for a bit, but any other suggestions, I’m open! I find that surviving in single player is slightly harder than in multiplayer though. Of course, I’m the type that prefers not to be alone in the wilderness, but that’s just me! What about you guys?

Let me know in the comments

How long would that take? :flushed:

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Very long, but I’ve done it and if you have 2+ blockheads, it goes faster cuz you can do 2 things at once!

Create a fully self-sufficient city (farms for food, farms for oil) with residential areas for all your irl friends, a fully functioning mine that goes down to the core, a mega power plant in case you want to have a couple blockheads simultaneously using refineries, a sky rail going all around the server, a retirement village, a couple castles, a city in the sky, underwater ruins…

oops thats my server

Aaaaand Done!
All 148 colors😁


Skeeve now do it in every combination lol

is that not it? lol

If you make pink for example and do one red then one white it looks the same as if you did one white then one red BUT they won’t stack together

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chaotic good

I approve! Double the colors but the only difference is the ordering of the pigments used lol

And you can try every order lol like say you use purple, red, and white you can do white, purple red or White, red, purple or purple white red or red purple white

Tulips were not mentioned? Breed as many hybrid combinations as you can. I will not say EVERY combination because that’s too many for even Skeeve to manage.

Build a handcar park with a challenge or two and then master them, then build more challenges. What do I mean by challenges? Try to make a short section of track where you have to land and STOP and then balance, for example. Or attempt the rail grind where you land on a suspended rail with one wheel on the rail and the other hanging below. Try a series of platforms you have to successfully jump to. visit Skylands Arena for ideas.

Build a race track for unicorns, sharks, or handcars.

Try to get as many rare pet names as possible.

If you own a server, run the message bot and set up fun quests for players to complete.

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Moved to tips & guides as this isn’t a suggestion.

Harmless trolling and griefing. (I do griefing where servers permit)
Building has taken an interest in me. I sometimes do tulip breeding.

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Wow, great job!

I allow trolling and light griefing on my server, as long as you help clean it up.

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