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Hey I’m new to the forms but NOT TO BLOCKHEADS. So I’m wondering… I seem like I have done everything there’s Ian to do in Blockheads. A have built a railroad that goes halfway around the world (I’m playing on mobile and my world is vanilla rules), have made everything, gone to space, got the awards, everything. So I’m running out of ideas. (P.s. I have a farm too with every animal) my resources are - unlimited wood, stones, dirt sand, a level 6 trade portal, unlimited animal products, and 2 safes full of platinum coins. (I got all of them from selling steel down lights before the [I think] 1.3 upadate that reset everything to normal prices) I just never got around to using any of them.

Try getting your very own rainbow unicorn?

To actually do some stuff, go to multiplayer and make some masterful builds with all the money you have.


Try building PixelArt. It is lots of fun!

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Tame a cave troll.

You should try to get to Workbench 29 on an expert server (single player or multiplayer)… that will keep you occupied for awhile. :wink:

Also, build. Pixel Art, Games, Homes, Monuments, Anything and Everything.
There is no end to things that you can create on this game… and once you start, the limitations are only on you to come up with cool new ideas.

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Is an expert server available on mobile

Yes. You can create a single player expert… just like any other type of single player server. Also, there are some great expert servers out there… I would try Skeeve’'s Exile. That one is great.

Here are some other servers to check out:

Servers often have endless community projects. They will always keep you occupied with something.

Blockheads in general is only available on mobile devices.

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Tame the animals.

Evolve the dodos until you get one of each type.

Breed the donkeys until you get a rainbow unicorn.

Breed tulips for different colors.

Tame and ride a cave troll.

Build a railway that does a jump across the North Pole, then jump it.

Do pixel art. Fun! What do you like? For example, if you like Batman, build a batman symbol.

Do the box challenge.

Try to breed all dodo species. It’s entertaining but sure time consuming, more than breeding donkeys.

What Is the box challenge

The Box: A New Survival Challenge:

But since you have to discover items now, make the world custom, but don’t change any other settings except the trade portal discovery one

Edit: you could also change the spawn items to include some of the rare gems to upgrade the tp and some play coins too (you can change them to gold)

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