What trends do you remember the most on this forums?

Though i do not usually go back to these types of things. i definitely remember when certain trends would hit the forums every once and a great while. For example: i remember the trend where a bunch of 2048 games with custom images we’re a thing. Then another trend where you would ask someone anything. And such.

If you have any you remember the most, feel free to share them :slight_smile:


I remember when everyone was suggesting challenges like the Box Challenge.


I remember last post wins I don’t know if it still happens on here or not.

It’s still here. :sweat_smile:

I remember the “x is illuminati” trend and when 50 different Golden Streak awards were popping up a few years ago.

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We all know the Ask me about anything! threads when the forums games category came along!


I also remember the trend of guessing what’s in a chest or something, and the OP getting accused of upping his post count when responding.
Trend I remember the most? Not sure, to be honest, my memory’s not great. Probably one of the strongest memories of here are a fraction of members who were into grilling other members and making memes of dodos being evil. Not sure if that counts as a “trend”, though.

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the “wordwide rail without duping and everything is mined by your own hands” challenge
the “circumnavigate a vanilla 16x world without jetpack or trade portal” challenge
the “no going above ground after the first 30 seconds” challenge
the “get every item in the game without trade portal” challenge

There used to be a trend of getting excited about new releases…<sad trombone sound>

</sad cynic mode>