What type of server would you all like to play on?

I’ve been planning to host a new server, but before i decide to put money and time on it, i need to know what the community is looking for in a server nowadays or rather what type of server would you all like to see. Much appreciated if you could all please leave an answer. :slight_smile:

  • Survival Servers(Vanilla/Expert mode).
  • PvP and Faction servers.
  • Free build servers.
  • A possible combination of all of the above?
  • Other(Leave suggestion below).

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Why is it multiple choice, but I can only vote once?

Maybe the poll is bugged out?

@agentpinkdog we’re the crazy ones who die a dozen times and come back asking for more :stuck_out_tongue:


Wellll yea my favorite server I’ve died a million times on and my second favorite server is expert mode (iarina)


Come build with me and I’ll make it your favorite :smiley:

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@BoxyBit I wanna pick 2 things but I can’t

Pm me

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Anybody like me also tick the FACTION SERVER

As per the poll, just you right now xD

I would if I could pick 2