What will apple add/move next


This is based on the game “what will apple remove next”.

But this time you will be adding stuff to an apple product coming in the future.

My guess will be that apple will add FaceTime Plus in 2019. FaceTime Plus will be a new feature starting at $19.99 Per year which will allow you to make yourself look like animojies, put text on the screen, livestream on YouTube with it and allow you to Group FaceTime

Now let’s get to the game, guess what apple may add/move next :slight_smile:


Apple will add a TV


Apple will now remove the charging port! And the screen.


Please note this is for adding/moving things. Not removing


The App Store+ $9.99/month for free apps by Apple. (Apple’s apps are already free)


Apple will remove the Jack in the Computer.


Apple will add a $999999.99 dollar fee on owning anything that was made by Apple.


Apple will discontinue the iPod Touch.


Apple will sell real apples.


Apple will make a car

keys and engine sold separately.


Apple’s CEO will get fired for hating apples


Apple will add a QWERTY touchscreen slider (similar to a BlackBerry Torch) iPhone (the iPhone 8S, which means Slider).


Apple will add an iphone 9


In hope they add the iPhone XD soon.


Nah, I wouldn’t say so.