What will apple remove next


Guess what Apple will remove from there iphone’s next
EX: I think they are going to remove everything, iPhones will be brain controlled bike helmets.


Touch ID. Already removed it on the iPhone X.


they will remove the screen


They removed Game Center a headphone jack a home button and Touch ID. Next I say Face ID.


Why did they remove it?


Im pretty sure they just couldn’t get it right and they didn’t want to put it on the back. I think.


They will remove cords and replace it all with Bluetooth :joy:


Presenting the iPhone sixty nine
New features
Basically the iPhone 5 but mint flavored


I think they will remove the App Store due to Microsoft buying them out and Microsoft doesn’t want competitors to buy Minecraft (idk why but Microsoft is weird)




iPhone XX
Now you can get your iPhone permanently tattooed onto your skin. Never lose your iPhone again with this fully functional iPhone.
Get yours before nonexistent stocks run out! Call (963)-233-5377 NOW to get not only one, but TWO iPhone XXs. Plus we will include a mental charger and box. Call (963)-233-5377 NOW
Get iPhone XX today!
Don’t call that number I just made it up lol


You don’t need Game Centre
You don’t need a headphone jack
You don’t need a home button
You don’t need Touch ID
You don’t need a front facing camera
You don’t need a back facing camera
You don’t need apps
You don’t need a screen
You don’t need a battery
You don’t need a processor
You don’t need a phone
You don’t need toes
You don’t need feet
You don’t need legs
You don’t need fingers
You don’t need hands
You don’t need arms
You don’t need a body
You don’t need a head
You don’t need life
You don’t need death
You don’t need a house
You don’t need land
You don’t need oceans
You don’t need a sky
You don’t need a Earth
You don’t need a galaxy
You don’t need the universe.


Sums up the future of iPhone XD


They introduce Yellowgum instead of Bluetooth because of legal things no one understands.


@Apple remove Bluetooth and add Yellowgum now!


They will remove the apple on its back so it has less weight.


Apple will remove Android from conquering Apple.


Apple will remove the A in Apple


You’ve heard of the iPhone
Get ready for



But I want “yourPhone”