What will apple remove next


Now it will be “what will apple make next”


2040: Makes iSmart


2041: Makes iBlockheads


Here is a list for the fancier iPad features and stuff for the next generation. (iPad LIGHT)

Volume buttons, mute switch, power button and charging port for the next generation of iPad removed

This supposed iPad light will have an ULTRA super retina OLED display that can display more then 5K pixels, this iPad will also come with a built in calculator, health tracker, and that stuff.

This iPad will be the first of its kind to only use wireless charging and built in things such as volume, this will also come in at 0.65 CM in thickness and will come with a

Ultra mini version, 5.7 inches
Mini version, 7.4 inches
Big version, 9.7 inches
Bigger big version, 10.5 inches
Super big version, 12.9 inches
Biggest version 14.6 inches

This iPad will also come with a plastic screen that can’t be scratched making it unbreakable. the LCD will also be paper thin and the frame can be flexed around.

To turn this thing on just tap it.

They named it light intentionally, as in lite to carry but they used light instead

And that’s what I got :slight_smile:


2041 Q2: Gets sued by Majic Jungle Software and is painted out of existence by Bob Ross in order to avoid the heavy bill. Bob Ross in return inherits the company’s legacy and heavy bill. He attempts to paint the document out of existence, but is discovered by the FBI which paints Bob Ross out of existence and manages to paint Apple back in existence to force them to pay the bill.


2042: remove the customer’s ability to make long posts.



Apple forgets about xxxtentrashion


Android did that already


We’re talking about an apple, not a droid.


Apple slipped and removed the Apple processing chip killing the phones.


Apple changes the icon on back from Apple to a carrot


They already removed the backlit Apple logo on MacBooks :sob:


Things Apple will remove in the next 12 years:

2019: Taptic Engine / USB-C charger
2020: Mic and FaceTime
2021: Camera on back
2022: ITunes Store
2023: SIM card slot
2023: internet
2024: Camera on front and apple logo
2025: Metal backing
2026: App Store and apps
2027: Settings
2028: Everything important
2029: Screen
2030: The whole device


rip the cool logo


Apple will remove naming their products by numbers IN ORDER… oh wait ten comes after eight right.