What would an Anti-Piracy screen for the blockheads look like?

Although the game doesn’t have measures to protect against pirates (other than cloud bans, but i would imagine those aren’t enforced). But i am curious if and how an anti-piracy screen would look and work.

What gave you the idea of an anti-piracy screen?

I frankly do not consider an “anti-piracy screen” necessary.

In reference to what WJ said, what gave you this idea? The game does not cost any money, hence the reason why I think an anti-piracy measure would rather be gratuitous.

Moreover, if the developers planned to implement one, they already had the opportunity to do so during the window of the game’s peak popularity. Also just for the record, I do not think that the developers are derelict in their duty to have not implemented one.

Would you please be more elaborate on why this would be necessary or your definition of an “anti-piracy screen”? Anything else that you want us to know?

I think it could be a good idea. The only problem that I can think of is that a lot of pirates already know that what they’re doing is unethical, and they just don’t care.

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Yes you’re right. Piracy definitely is unethical. What I do not understand, however, is why an anti-piracy measure is necessary for The Blockheads (it’s a game that costs $0.00)— other than to prevent people from using the game as their own work, of course.

Unless I’m misunderstanding the OP, the piracy refers to server credit, not the game itself.

Oh OK. That brings rise to a good point though. Would be nice to stop TC piracy.

However, servers now require real world payment to purchase credit, so it isn’t much of a problem anymore.

I nevertheless support the halt of TC piracy.

They should add a system that can detect some forms of hacking like other games

I think the problem is that data such as the portal chest is stored on the phone. Therefore, hackers or more appropriately “script-kiddies” can modify that data.

If blockheads were immune to such “hacks”, then the game would have to be completely server-based (I believe). For example, clash of clans, an iOS game, is a server-based game. That gives COC immunity from “hackers”.

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