What would you do if you owned BH?


Come up with stuff you’d do if you owned blockheads.

Things I’d do

Server credit is for tc
Able to spawn animals like rainbow unicorns
Unknowns brought back
Ban a certain someone from the forums and game
Ban another certain someone
Bring back 2 specific banned users (not the ones I banned)
Add guns and firearms update
Add cars and planes and other vehicles
Add better animals
Give the 2 people i unbanned owner powers on forum and game
Ban all people of a certain fandom.
Be able to chat pictures, voice chat,

Can’t think of anything else


not own blockheads


Most of those thigs are hacks, and it is better off without them. The reason there was an iap for credit is because there was fake time crystals that werent paid for. If you were the owner, you wouldnt want that because you were losing money. So think about that.

And godmode and unknowns were bugs and glitches and hacks, and nobody really wants them. If you really want them, then just add it in, not make hacks. Hacking is bad.

And do you realize that you cant really just ban someone just because you dont like them?


For what i would do, i would yes, add more stuff like guns n stuff


Hire a few undercover people to help shut down bad servers for one


If I owned blockheads I would update it some more if I had the coding knowledge.

-I would remove servers and ban people I find to be breaking rules. And I would ban Anime RP or RP in general unless it follows a strict PG rating
-Make tc ads more common, 5 minutes apart.
-I would enforce multiplayer for those who are 13+ and up only and ban those who are under 13.
-I would promote servers I feel should be promoted and help them out. Like rabbithole, the maze runner, etc.
-Remove current duping and hacking exploits and keep removing them.
-Make a better swear filter
-Make a better ban and cloud ban system so people can’t bypass it

That would be some things I would do.


So then I’d get a different job


What’s so bad with anime RP?
Roleplaying as anime characters isn’t bad, but what I see many dislike is the inappropiate content.
That is more involved in banning inappropiate content, other than anime.
(I like anime but I’ve never roleplayed that greatly, The only thing I’ve been is an anime plant “;p)

Be aware of the big text

-Make TC unhackable.
-Remove the original stone (preexistent mined and unmined stone will be replaced with andesite) and replace it with igneous rocks, intrusive above magma by 166 layers, and extrusive in mountains (Granite, Diorite, Obsidian [used for stone shortswords, created by placing water above magma], Andesite [possesses the colour of original stone], Pegmatite, Basalt [has a new mined texture if I develop BH], Gabbro [rarely houses kimberlite, which is the source of diamonds], and pumice), metamorphic rocks 167 layers above igneous intrusive layers (quartzite in deserts, marble, schist, gniess, anthracite [burns longer than lignite, charcoal and bituminous coal] and slate in other biomes), and sedmentary rocks 167 blocks above metamorphic rocks (mudstone, conglomerate, bituminous coal [used for coke when ignited in the absence of air, like when you surround it with 8 fireresistant blocks], lignite [same], limestone, dolomite, claystone, sandstone, gypsum, chalk and shale).
-Make diamonds appear in kimberlite, which rarely appears in gabbro.
-Original Metal Ores (except gold and platinum, but “Nugget” will be omitted and now they are named “Native x” and placed on igneous rocks and also gold-panned) are now replaced with their IRL counterparts and spawn in specific rocks (Copper=Malachite [usually found in limestone and marble]/Original Ore [now called “Native Copper”, spawns in basalt, but also found from panning]/Tetrahedrite [found in metamorphic rocks except for anthracite], Iron=hematite[found in all rock types, except for coals], Titanium=Rutile [found in all igneous rocks], and tin=cassiterite[found in igneous and non-Anthracite metamorphic rocks]).
-Graphite is added and now replaces coal in the creation of steel, also used for pencils.
-You can write now, using linen, leather and paper.
-Bamboo added, used to make paper (3 of said plant in a woodwork bench).
-Pig Iron can be crafted in a furnace, LEVEL 3, also used for steel instead of regular Iron.
-ALL Anime RP/Dating/Free TC Servers are permanently removed.
-Better Swearing Filter, which allows for censor evasions to be censored, replacing the :rage: emoji with hashes taking place of the word.
-Gold Panning, you need to wash dirt/sand with a Gold Pan (made of 3 clay) to get some gold/platinum/copper.
-Unobtainium (appears in igneous rocks, coloured black with grey stripes, mined with titanium pickaxes, and used for post-titanium weapons and tools).
-Arrows (regular arrows deal standard bow and arrow damage, flint deals 2x dmg, obsidian deals 3x dmg, and poison deals 4x damage while taking HP for 5 seconds) separated from bowmaking (golden bows now deal 2x damage), but you need a leather quiver.
-Cannons and Trebuchets.
-Ancient Ruins (made usually out of brown claystone, grey andesite or white marble and replace gold chests in terms of treasure content, some ruins are found in rockbottom layers where cave trolls dwell in).
-Add faction flags for Multiplayer.
-Modified axes, spears and swords (axes now deal 1.5x more damage than swords but slower, swords deal the same damage but they are slightly faster, spears can have two modes [thrown and melee]).
-Add a new jail command where you trap all of the criminal’s blockheads into a temporary jail made 10000 blocks below magma (you cannot scroll to a portal).
-Destroy unknowns from existence.
-Make the game have a Minecraft-like inventory with 28 slots instead of 7, deleting baskets from existence.
-Spike Traps to prevent other players from attacking your base (made of 1 wood and 3 flint/1 obsidian/3 iron/3 steel/3 titanium).
-Make ads only appear for TC once per 2.5 minutes.
-Coke replaces original coal in the manufacturing of furnaces and metalwork benches.
-Ressurect the Time Crystal Credits.
-Add Lua scripting, designed for server commands and plugins, to prevent the game from being an engine.
-Add invisible GUI option (when on, you’ll never see the gui, but you can interact with the invisible pause button).
-Make the year longer (each season lasts for 72 BH days, resulting in a 288 day year).
-Gypsum is instead used in plaster (fire the block into 5 dust at a level 2 kiln [made of 1 gypsum stone] and then combine them with water for the block).


-Remove servers that have “E” in their name and ban people who say E.


(Your name has an E, “;p)
Same here.
(For some reason, most of the beta testers, and super admins, don’t have E’s in their names, is this some kind of weird conspiracy?)


Min dosn’t hav th forbiddn lttr known as… you know what, it’s bttr if I don’t say what it is, i risk ban


If I owned blockheads! I would…
TC reward for adding server credit
Add 90 days of credit! ($8.99)
Make all inappropriate servers have a permanent PRIVATE setting on
When a photo from a camera is taken, send it to server chat
Popular & Trending server list
New server list
Upgraded chat filter
Command to remove the filter entirely for owners( but your server will have a tag on it to warn kids)
More trees
More animals
Different wood types
Creative mode


What would I do…??

Make it 15+
Remove the buy 99 option
Add some extra gems, (amber, topaz, Jade.)
Add more pizza toppings
Add more weapons, (battle axe, shotgun (mayyybe,))
Make pictures clearer.
Add potions

That’s all I can think of for now.


He said he would ban unless it follows a PG rating


What would I do? I just thought of it…

Let trolls ride handcars.
Let players ride trolls riding handcars.
Let handcars being ridden by players riding trolls do flips.


Undo 1.7


What i would do so far.


1: Create a new system for funding servers based solely on ads, making it unpirateable (hopefully).

2: Add a 3 month option for the cost of 2 and 1/2 months ($7.50 now)

3: Make large introductory servers to help players get to know people.

4: Add a world reset option that cleared all man-made structures and damage in a custom rules world.

5: Add a mob spawning option in custom rules worlds.

6: Create dimensions in worlds, smaller miniature worlds inside of worlds with severely different resources and looks.

7: Create blueprints, something that will duplicate a building as long as it has the materials. (Shows radius similar to a protection sign.

8: Make it known far and wide TC hacking is banned, there are a lot of unsuspecting kids who probably got banned.

9: When Ambience launches, help promote a partnership thing in order to get both games going.

10: Create a system where someone can view protected areas in the zoomed out view if they’d like (it’d be an easy switch.)

-Placeholder for later ventures-


If I owned blockheads here is my list of what I probably would do.

-Making something for server credit to automaticity be added and pay for you at the end of the month

-Remove a few things I may not find necessary.

-Add an HTML tutorial to the welcome message and a little example you can mess around with

-Clense blockheads of all of its bad anime and inappropriate worlds.

-Allow suggestions that didn’t really get a lot of feedback or just bad feedback to possibly have a chance to make it in the game

-Introduce a blockheads PC port (with tap controls and D-pad) (Tilt to control would be removed in that version and replaced with the D-pad controlled by AWSD or Arrow keys)

-Make a modding api so players could mod it (PC only)

-Make an algorithm for non-popular servers so they can get popular.

-Wipe all 1M+ worlds and put the ones that are necessary for blockheads somewhere to be readded later

-Promote blockheads just a bit more

-Update blockheads frequently (and following feedback)

-Hire more support and community managers

-Promote sapiens

-Make blockheads more realistic Ex: Make crafting recipe for pepperoni, etc (Top priority*)


Man it’s been like a decade since I played this, re downloaded onto my phone. A while ago I typed this up