What would you do if you were stuck in blockheads in real life


What if one day you were teleported to the Blockheads world. What would you do?

I would probably make a faction and invite all my buddies over and rule the world! How about you guys

Will I be put in an insane asylum for thinking this

  • Yes
  • No

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I would tame and ride a dodo.


I’d tell Jemni, Dylanjdj, and DGPG to handcar race me and I’d also tame and bread a rainbow unicorn and ride in the sky, finding gem trees and sky islands in the process!


I would tame a cave troll, then find other players and rule over them. What, I like world domination!


I’d go build a cute house, set up a huge business which I’ll just get employees to do all the work for me (ahem, dye mania), then intensely ride handcars all my life… oh yeah, and drink wayy too much coffee. What a life :slight_smile:


I don’t think you would. Porks :wink:

But if i suddenly wake up in blockheads I would freak out and become stressed for a few hours. And then when i figured out i’m not in a dream, i guess i’ll have to adapt to my new life. I would spend it by building large castles and enslave cave trolls.


First! I’d enjoy the pleasures of Unicorns and Jetpacks in my custom SP, plus a nice hot bath. Then, I’d create a portal chest in my vanilla SP. Finally, I’d stuff all the goodies in the chest and then make a portal. Zap! Back to humanity.


Well, I guess you’re the smart one here, Mr ‘build a portal and escape back to humanity.’ :stuck_out_tongue: Guess I’d just chill in the block verse forever, or, well, I’d probably crash my handcar and die, but that’s besides the point…


Nah I think I’m good here. No school, I don’t have to leave home to buy stuff. Great foods like rainbow cake and pizza. Plus I can ride a unicorn, or if I want to be a tough guy, a scorpion. I think i’ll Stay here

Plus I don’t have to care about bedtime because I can just use TCs or use a golden bed


bbbut people! family! video games! life!


Eat a rainbow cake. Come on, I can’t be the only one wondering what it tastes like…


Killing you softly.


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I would go to the highest mountain and shout:


I’d craft all the pizzas in the world.

And meditate. Forever.


I would focus on my architectural skills.


I’ll tame a unicorn, ride-’em and eat rainbow cupcakes forever! If I ever get bored I’ll try tame the scorpion and even tempt to ride-’em. Or I’ll do wild experiments on my self since I can’t be extinguished forever. Like freezing my self or fall into the lava.


Find all my friends and tell y’all that I’m trapped then idk probably ride a unicorn not go to pvp servers probably idk


I would try to find a way out and try to survive in the game. As well as not puking. Otherwise, I think I would like it


I keep walking past this store selling something they call “rainbow cakes”. Although unicorns are nice, the Blockheads is not for me.

First I’d freak out.
Next, I’ll find and tame all the mobs. Realize I’m alone, other than spawning in other random block people–craft a portal, copy Titan and take my goods back to the real world.