What would you do if you were stuck in blockheads in real life


I keep walking past this store selling something they call “rainbow cakes”. Although unicorns are nice, the Blockheads is not for me.

First I’d freak out.
Next, I’ll find and tame all the mobs. Realize I’m alone, other than spawning in other random block people–craft a portal, copy Titan and take my goods back to the real world.


Imagine if you could play The Blockheads in VR.


I’d probably be crafting a tin foil hat as soon as I can, before some evil superior being starts controlling me and forcing me to swim across the ocean half-naked.

Hey, it would actually be interesting to know what a blockhead experiences and sees in a 2.5D world.



You’d probably be like in an ant farm


I’d be eating pizza and be like

Boi :cool:


I would get a lot of friends, waifus, a cool cape, a cool sword,an op sword abiltity, kill an OP cave troll that looks like a goat, find a good team, find out that Dave trapped us, and fight Dave.


I’d think ‘ah crap! Not another stuck-in-a-game dream again!’ Gets attacked ‘O-oh. Not a dream.’

Plus feel pretty bummed you can’t see the side anymore to easily locate hidden ores.




Kill all the players on pvp servers…



Probably make a better fighter than any blockhead that’s being controlled. Attack, retreat, build up, shoot and block passages off, faster than anyone.


SAO reference, :stuck_out_tongue:
(Waifus don’t incluide waifu pillows)