What would you do if you were stuck in blockheads in real life


Imagine if you could play The Blockheads in VR.


I’d probably be crafting a tin foil hat as soon as I can, before some evil superior being starts controlling me and forcing me to swim across the ocean half-naked.

Hey, it would actually be interesting to know what a blockhead experiences and sees in a 2.5D world.



You’d probably be like in an ant farm


I would get a lot of friends, waifus, a cool cape, a cool sword,an op sword abiltity, kill an OP cave troll that looks like a goat, find a good team, find out that Dave trapped us, and fight Dave.


I’d think ‘ah crap! Not another stuck-in-a-game dream again!’ Gets attacked ‘O-oh. Not a dream.’

Plus feel pretty bummed you can’t see the side anymore to easily locate hidden ores.




Kill all the players on pvp servers…



Probably make a better fighter than any blockhead that’s being controlled. Attack, retreat, build up, shoot and block passages off, faster than anyone.


SAO reference, :stuck_out_tongue:
(Waifus don’t incluide waifu pillows)