What's Blockheads Mac Server?


What is Mac server? And what’s the difference between cloud and mac server?

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A cloud server is a server ran through the blockheads, basically using a network we call the cloud. It’s the most common type of server around, you simply create or join one through the app, just a typical server for you. They cost Time crystals to run and will require in app purchases for 1.7.

A mac server is one run on through an Apple Mac book, or possibly an app. I’m not 100% sure on the details myself. People can send you links to them so you can play on any device, I believe.

Also, mac servers are 100% free!

I’ll try to find some good links to topics that explain it well, there are tons, varying from creating your own mac server, or having someone host a mac server for you. You can reply with the specifics of what answers you’d like :slight_smile:

Ok, I’m a noob at sharing links to topics, but here’s my first try: Guide: How to set up a Mac server

OR you can try this:

You can use these if you are interested in setting one up yourself, or simply reading these gives you a better understanding of the mac server concept.


Mac servers are hosted through the app and don’t appear in the multiplayer list

However they are free, unlike cloud


Mac servers have to be joined either by going into join server > advanced > online IP/port, or clicking a link.

They aren’t 100% free unless someone else hosts it. It takes a tiny amount of electricity.


I also have this same problem :thinking::thinking:


How do you find your IP once you have made the mac server @Wingysam @SomeRandomUser @AlliG8tor


The easiest way is to use whatsmyip(dot)com


Should I do it at school or at home?


Depends. Do you want the schools IP, or your house IP?

Setting up a Mac server at school is not only a bad idea, it would be very difficult. Part of the process will require you to configure the router through the admin commands. Probably not possible at school…


So at home!


When you’re home, go to an IP finder, my favourite is http://icanhazip.com.


Or just Google “what is my ip” :joy:


Yep, my strategy too! :joy: My friend got creeped out when I googled that in her house… I agreed to delete it since it was just to show her… I’m no stalker or anything.


Even google “ip”.