What's the maximum number of money a shop can hold as of 1.7.4?

I’m trying to make a “legal” supershop without hacks by buying 1K from a normal shop. I’d like to know when to stop before it goes into negative. (i’ve already have a few negative shops)

Negative? So when you take the coin you lose all your money?

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As what I know, the maximum amount is 99000 Platinum Coins.
(99x1000) max. selling price and 99 items.
I did this before with a friend.
As long as there are Items inside the shop or coins in the bottom part, its impossible to sell any more.
If you want to have more, you would need to dupe it. As you dupe it( with no items for sale on top but money left) the shop kinda resets. You then can put items back at the top, but i don’t know if you can buy them.

Hope i was helpful

I wont help with the duping

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How much can they HOLD? It’s still unlimited. Those that had supershops before still have use of them.

Basically, I think limitless, or to the point beyond reach.
I tried to reach the cost limit in a Trade portal and bought only ladders for more than 6h straight. Currently, after 2 years, im at 143000 plat for a single ladder and its still growing.
( there is a trick behind it, you don’t actually need the coins)
If these mechanics with max numbers also go for supershops, i think it would be simple impossible to reach it.
But go for it If you’d like to try👍🏻

If you can prove the possibility to create an item shop with negative numbers, i would like to see some sort of evidence for it. Because as of now I simply cannot believe you

Until you manage to reach the x64 or float limit (which, upon reaching, will turn it negative) Its going to rise on and on.

Could you show me some prove?

Some sort of photographic evidence?

Like a picture of a shop with a negative amount of coins?

I would’ve thought it could hold 99999 platinum coins, but now that I think about it, you’re right.

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Perhaps use a macro. It could make it way faster and more effective.

It is possible to get the number higher than 99,000₽ without hacks or cheats. But I won’t reveal the method here. DM me on discord or the forums if you want to know it.

Could you send Discord server I really want to join

I can confirm that I have also seen this. It’s very strange.

Im not doubting you, but do you have any photos of this strange occurrence? I’d like to see it myself.

I’m afraid I don’t.