What's the weather (Game)


This is a game where we can make up our own days of what the weather will be. for example it will be sunny 70°F but with wind chills of -60.


Follow forums rules (Most important)
Have fun :slight_smile:

Let me start now.

(Today, Sunday: January 1, 2012.) it is 49°C in Manhattan, New York with wind speeds of 64 and chills of -31°C.


Thanks Hyness, I’ll take the next report. For March 15, 1956, it appears we’ll have temperatures near 610 degrees Fahrenheit or more due to the supposed nuclear annihilation, along with a good chance of mutation due to all the radioactivity. Back to you in the studio.


21 December, 2012:
Heat will rise above 29997 degrees Celsius in hot places,19998 degrees Celsius in warm places, 9999 degrees Celsius at cold places, -9999 degrees Celsius at snowy places, and -19998 degrees Celsius at the North and South Poles, rains reaching up to 66666 Celsius and down to -66666 Celsius, and Wind Chills of Negative long term Centillion Celsius, and the melting of earth.


April 1st, 3130:

Temperature(s): Starts at 50 degrees F, noon will be 70 degrees F, and the evening will be 68 degrees F with a wind chill of 65 degrees F.
Sky: Partly cloudy but mostly sunny. 1% chance of rain.
Events: None

SIKE!!! (Get it cuz april 1st )

Temperature: 100 degrees F all day.
Sky: Cloudy with 100% chance of rain
Events: Sharknado and a rabid animal apocalypse.


It will be 1 gazillion degrees Celsius today, with the occasional I LIKE TURTLES falling from the sky.