Wheat Stump



Top 10 questions scientists still haven’t explained.



Is it okay if I post this here, if so while I was corrupting single player worlds by using a glitch I found this floating tree :slight_smile:


Sometimes, glitches happen and the stump of your tree get removed by the glitch. Other times, you might have accidentally removed the bottom, and the tree did not just fall down. Then a wheat plant probably grew there. I dunno for sure, that’s just my theory lol


Floating leaves happen, it’s just lag. Wheat happened to be there and look like a stump, lol.


Lol :joy::joy:


It’s a funny old game. There are some very odd glitches that can occur. Weirdness with the vegetation is probably the most common.


Yeah I had that sorta thing. Except it was a big chunk of land. (Proof of Aliens in blockheads?!)