When did you download the game?


With a recent update on my phone I have now noticed that you can see when you downloaded an application! (On iOS). If you go to the AppStore, go to Purchased and find The Blockheads, share when you downloaded the game (please).

I downloaded the Blockheads on June 3rd, 2013. Over 5 years ago. What about you?

How long have you played blockheads?

15th April 2014


Hehe, I have iOS 8.
So I can only guess. Around January 19, 2013 probably.


29 May 2014 :smiley:



I don’t have a screenshot as I’m on my new iPad. (Old one is broken.) but it was around 1-17 July, 2013.


Jan 12, 2013

Interesting. Never knew you could see the date you downloaded an app. Very cool.


Mine doesn’t have a date, what iOS are you on?


iOS 12, I think mine will only show towards when I got my iPad 3, or maybe back in my iPad one.

Edit: dove into my mother’s purchases and found the date I downloaded blockheads, not bad.

Please do note that this was when I was using my mothers Apple ID before I used mine.


Oof I’m not on 12, refusing to update lol


That is 2 days after release I think.


How to find the date:

  1. If you’re on your iPhone, you click on the App Store app.
  2. Whatever screen you are on, you’ll see your profile pic icon in a circle (top right). Click on that.
  3. Then, you’ll be on a screen that says “purchased”. Click on that.
  4. That will take you to another screen that says “My Purchases”. Click on that.
  5. That will take you to a screen where you can search for blockheads…
  6. It will show the date once it finds the app.


I downloaded the app on the second day of June in 2015 :thinking:


As I stated, I am not using iOS12 idk what version you need to have this but I don’t.

Also I originally downloaded it in an old iPad not even compatible with iOS 12 if I wanted iOS12

Finding it on this phone would be the day I got this phone :joy:


That wouldn’t work on me. I deleted and redownloaded the game many times xD
But for certain I played b4 I joined. So probably late 2013/early 2014.


January 12, 2013. Wow, it’s been that long?



@JarlPenguin so did I plus this isn’t the phone I originally got it on


Me, thu and you are same :slight_smile:


According to my phone I got bh before mc maybe I didn’t wanna pay for mc yet?


It seems to show the original date, no matter how many times you’ve re-downloaded it.


Yes. It shouldn’t matter what device you downloaded it on originally. (I certainly don’t use the same phone I had in 2013… and I originally downloaded it on and iPad 2nd gen.)