When did you download the game?


@Thuthu apparently that doesn’t seem to be the case for Android. I don’t think it even displays when you got the game on Play Store at all.


Yes. I mentioned on my first post that I was on an iPhone. I know absolutely zero about android capabilities.

And @DeadlyPotato, I haven’t upgraded to 12 yet either… so I don’t believe that’s your issue (but who knows?) I have given up on ever trying to figure out why things do or don’t work on Apple devices. My explanation that allows me to keep my sanity instead of throwing my devices/computers out the window is “magic”.


lol xD


Around the time the game released from what I remember.


I got the game January 5th, 2015, I didn’t check the App Store but I know this is accurate, it was first on another device anyway.



In Q4 2015.


2014 i think. When i was in middle school


i first downloaded it on a different device that’s still on iOS 6, but i checked gamecenter for the date i got my first achievement, it was sometime around 2014


I downloaded the game on iOS May 12, 2016. My son downloaded it first on my kindle July 12, 2014. I began playing soon after joining him on single player worlds via LAN connection.


Shrui whats your sons IGN


I can’t give the exact date, I used to play on a different Apple ID that I can no longer access. I believe it was a week after the 1.6 update.


Sadly he doesn’t play anymore. He did use one of my devices to help film the Basileus adventure scenes where more than one shariu appears.


Too bad Google Play Games doesn’t even bother to show when you received an achievement… -.-


I’m on my prehistoric iOS 10 iPad, so I can’t give an exact date. It was the year 2016 when I joined the game. I can’t remember anything more :stuck_out_tongue:


July 11th, 2014, but I think I had an old Apple ID before then where I played Blockheads for a month or so before.


14.03.2013 :slight_smile:



Isn’t that before the game was established? I think you were a beta tester of blockheads so maybe


No. The game came out on Jan. 10, 2013.


mILLA WERE YOU A BEtatester or something? Because the game was early how did you find it? Were eyou superbmod?

@THUTHU1 well atleast milla played a bit after it came out? So technecally she could’ve be a beta tester if she tried.