When did you download the game?


On my good device now.
I joined in 22 May 2016.


She is a beta tester of beta versions but she did not become community manager until 2014. Unless she just plays normally


Wait, she is a beta tester?


14 July 2013


Lol I got mine around the same week or so


You asked:

I was responding that blockheads was released Jan 10, 2013. That has nothing to do with being a beta tester or not. I don’t presume to know whether or not Milla helped with the original beta testing. We are still waiting to hear.


So appertly yes I did reinstall it after scrolling for new games!



When The Blockheads came out in January 2013 I was working for another games developer, and we made a point of always downloading other NZ games. I wasn’t a tester, and didn’t know Dave back then, but out of solidarity with him all 123 people at Sidhe downloaded it, me included. I always downloaded Kiwi games as soon as I saw the emails about them, so I guess we got the mail about The Blockheads a couple of months after it came out :slight_smile:

Since March 2014, when Dave hired me, I’m helped him to manage beta testing, which includes doing some testing myself.


I love that mentality ! It would be so amazing if everyone had that outlook in life. What did you first think of The Blockheads? :sweat_smile: Thank you for sharing that!


back in 2013, the days of pvp.


I thought it was really promising, and kept it on my phone for when I had time to play. Unfortunately, the following year was insane, and I only found time to play after I resigned and moved back to Hawke’s Bay without a job to go to. A month after I moved Dave hired me, and I had not only time to play, but it was part of my job to do so :slight_smile:


oh nice


My original download was on my old iPhone 4s, which I still have. It won’t upgrade beyond iOS 9.something. So I had to connect it to my laptop to view a list of purchased apps.



iOS 9.3.5.


Just a note about those thinking you have to have the same phone as you did when you first downloaded it, you don’t. The date is logged against your Apple ID, rather than your current device.

  • Since 2013
  • Since 2014
  • Since 2015
  • Since 2016
  • Since 2017
  • Started playing this year

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I don’t know when I started, but I know that it was close to 2015 so


January 12 2013 is when I downloaded the game so I have been on the game for a long time.


Since or prior to 1.4.

Basically before death.


Been playin’ since 2015, made a lot of memories in this game.