When did you download the game?


I started playing blockheads in 2016 and didnt bother to try and play multiplayer until 2017 oof.


i have ben playing since 2016

my brother downloaded it and I though it looked fun so I downloaded it also and have played ever since


Thats good to know, I’ve been playing since 2015.


As for me, a friend had me download it right before the jetpacks update.
I was like “wooahh”

Then not even a week later, the jetpack update comes out and then I’m like “wwwooooahhh!”


Nice :slight_smile:

Although this may not be on topic with the thread I have a weird dream back in 2014 about 1.6 and things being strange and not what they are today and I am sure somewhere around I had many dreams of 1.7


Goes with me too.