When did you first play the blockheads and how did you hear about it?

  • 2013-2015
  • 2014-2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • Yesterday

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Also reply how did know about the blockheads!


I made a mistake in the second option it is supposed to be 2015-2016


My friend told me about it.


I think I found it randomly.


About two days after it released…I was looking for a game in the AppStore (don’t really remember what I was expecting), and saw it as a ‘Top Game’ and a ‘New Game’, and thought, “Well, this looks cool.”
And it was! :smiley:


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I think I stumbled on it while strolling through the App Store in 2015. Might have been on the “similar games” page when I checked out that one pixel sandbox game. Can´t remember the name right now - it was about creating worlds using pixel-y elements and doing quests. Does anyone know the name?


I use to search the appstore everyday for a new game to play, at the time the games were ranked 1-100 and I would only check those under free. Blockheads happen to be number 100 at the time I got it.


That might be how I found it as well… now when I think about it closely I’m not sure anymore at all! Could have also popped up while searching Minecraft. I believe a lot of players found it that way.


yea I remembered it was featured in the app store and I downloaded it xD


When searching for Minecraft, but might as well get a free game…


My girlfriend my friend ToLD me about it


I was bored so I went to Minecraft/Survivalcraft 'cause I like games like that and I found Blockheads in the “Related” at the bottom. But I quit like 3 times and redownloaded 4 times. And one of those times was because of the HD texture worms. Also I was little so I kept getting killed by dropbears.


By the way, I joined the FOURMS in June
And I use to only play single player.


I was playing some other game that would periodically feature other games from the App store. Blockheads popped up one day and I was turned on by the sandbox similarities with Minecraft which my kids were all into. I tried it and loved that it was much more manageable on a mobile device. The rest is history.


The Sandbox?


i’m pretty sure everyone searched up minecraft for free


I did too ;-;
I just want everything free XD


My son actually found it because he couldn’t download anything except free apps on his kindle without permission. He asked me to play with him via LAN connection. I liked the game so much that I have been playing ever since.


A long time ago, shortly after 1.6, I first played blockheads. I saw my friend playing this game and thought it looked fun.


My best friend introduced me to the game before multiplayer was released. I’ve been playing even after they deleted the app.