When did you first play the blockheads and how did you hear about it?


Whenever a New Zealand game comes out, the rest of the NZ game developers spread the world and grab it. I downloaded and first played it at work in Wellington.


I searched up Minecraft :joy: and I liked blockheads cuz it was free love it


I figured it out by searching it in the play store.


I think I first downloaded it around 2014, waaaay back when I had my iPhone 3GS. I was looking for blocky/8bit games and I discovered The Blockheads. It wasn’t until much later that I found out online multiplayer existed, but I had some great times on singleplayer.


Downloaded it in late 2015 when searching "Minecraft’ and then it popped :full_moon_with_face:


At the time I was in love with Minecraft. My cousin told me about the Blockheads and, well, there we go. I think it was in the summer of 2015.


Man, playing on the job? I can’t even hide anything.


Found it in April 2014 looking for a free Minecraft ripoff

Learned it wasn’t a Minecraft ripoff soon after, glad I got it over survivalcraft

my kindle went missing for an entire a year later (2015) during that summer break
But I got a phone late 2016 and played then, enjoying the game a lot more
Found my kindle in 2017, but by then it was outdated and ultra slow


I was in a game I could probably advertise because of it’s loneliness, and there was a girl that had on her profile world a “The Blockheads” logo, so I looked for it and it seemed good so I joined a world named Legendary City and built my first house!


Back then, BH was more popular then it was em, being able to win top place for Apple free apps.

I went looking for the top free apps, and found BH.


I was bored I thought I remembered a free mc so I looked for it I was looking for a new game and found bh


ripoff minecraft*
besides, MC on mobile is 7 bucks, thats hardly anything


That day the entire studio downloaded and played it. I didn’t have to hide it :slight_smile:



So your work literally took a day off work to play the game?



Looking around for adventure game. Was not into minecraft. I think it was a either a blockheads ad or the pic that made me try it. Didn’t really get into it until my third attempt at playing it.

Had awesome builds from a railway that reached two distant bases and a glass pathway under water that reached a beautiful sea castle! Back then there was no sharks yet and you could place blocks through blocks that were arrange diagonally from each other. Now you really have to go around and place it from the other side.

Also this was before donkeys could die from fall damage. Back then I could make the donkey help me down a mountain REALLY fast.

Changed devices and lost my worlds :sob:

Stopped playing for ages and restarted again this year, participated in the BH forums and make a very good helper/supplier to any new blockhead players or to any one struggling to obtain something