When I join my server and place an action, it logs me out immediately

Whenever I join my server and place in an action, it creates a lag spike and does the, connection issue, and cannot connect to server. I find this very troubling as I have deleted and reinstalled tbh many times and I worry if I do it again I may reset my worlds. I have also restarted my device, and logged in thru different IP’s and accounts. Any suggestions?

Does your server contain a lot of animated blocks that might lag the server? How old is your device?

My device is less then 1 year old, and we have a few donkeys and dodos around, but not that many. This just started happening, and I had a password on the server.

I will PM you to get a bit of information, and take a look.

Should I make a new server? Mine has glitched and it won’t let anyone join, not even me, so I was thinking of deleting it and just restarting.

If I do, what should the name be? Rules? What should it be themed on?

Is your world a mac world? Try stopping the server and starting it if it is a Mac world.

It is an iPad world. Idk what you call that, but I’ve tried stopping it, placing a password, removing the password, deleting the app, reinstalling the app, restarting my device, and even looking thru owner portal, yet nothing works. If you have any ideas, I’m open

Contact support@theblockheads dot Net

Send a private message to @milla regarding the issue. She will hopefully reply back to you by tomorrow.

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