When I try to watch tc ads, it takes me straight to the App Store

This just started happening a month ago, but every single ad is doing this. I click on the free tc, watch the video, and then it goes to the App Store. I know I’m not accidentally clicking the ad because I keep my hands back the whole time. The worst part is I don’t even get the tc after.

I’ve had this happen quite a bit. Most ads by this ad provider do this for some reason. I’m still getting the tc afterward though, so I’m not quite sure why you aren’t. I think the App Store part is normal (although really annoying).

I just tried this out myself. The button to close the ad is so small that I keep accidentally tapping on the ad. It always takes me to the App Store.


I’m not tapping on the button. The minute it ends, I go to the App Store.

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I’ve found recently while watching ads on another game (AdVenture Capitalist) the exit button is too small to reasonably tap, or legitimately non-functional.

All the problematic ads there were from Vungle, which is also one of the ad providers for The Blockheads.

The mini app-store window opening has been around for a while, and sometimes it will glitch out and prevent you from being able to exit. As to why you wouldn’t be receiving the TC though, I really don’t know.

I feel like the ad provider is trying to sneakily force you to visit the ad’s app page (since I’m guessing the ad provider gets more revenue directing traffic to the actual app page)

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This might be true. The game taps into the ad providers API, so the ad interface isn’t ours.

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