When is the next new item, feature or animal?

When is the next BIG update? I’m really curious about this, because the game could have new features but doesn’t? Please say if it’s in more then a year, or when the estimated time is going to be?

i don’t think there will be an update anytime soon because (if i’m not mistaken) Dave (the developer) is working his new game, Sapiens

if there were to be an update, i don’t think it would be a major one, probably to only resolve bugs.


Aww. That’s kinda sad for me because I was hoping for a new block or item. Oh well. :frowning: :pensive::pensive::frowning:


but we might never actually know? maybe there might even be a surprise update in the future…? :wink:

The future? Years away?


Can’t we just majically move that update up a few years?

1.7 was the big update, lol.


1.7 wasn’t that much tho… =(



It would have to be after sapiens is released

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Don’t judge me, it really didn’t affect my playing style…
Like at all…

When is Sapiens meant to be released? It sounds cool

Sometime in 2021 we don’t have an exact date

Other than crucial updates, probably in 2-3 years?


So the next update is in 2021-2022?!!??

No. The next content update is probably never.

Even after Sapiens is released, it doesn’t make sense for Dave to continue working on Blockheads. The game is past its peak. Future work put into it would be a waste of his time that he could spend making games that actually have a chance of making him money.


Sapiens will be released on Steam sometime in 2021. Not another update for TBH.

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i guess this is it

cries in blockheads

it’s sad to know that this game will probably never get an update again…


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*Dave adds a fourth block to the width*

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yea, it’s time developer time