When will the last update be?



I wonder when the LAST update will be.
Not the next bug fix updates, but the LAST update before the game gets discontinues permanently.
Can anyone answer my question?


This is literally unanswerable. I don’t think Dave even knows the answer.

The next bug fix update might be the last update the game gets, or there might be another update… who can say? I suspect there won’t be any more content updates, maybe one or two more bug fix updates.


What Bib said. We don’t know how many updates there may or may not be, what they will consist of, or when they might be coming. The focus right now is on Sapiens, which has suddenly, and entirely unexpectedly, got a buzz going, due to YouTube promoting Dave’s devlogs.


Could SocialBlade be the reason for all of the buzz?


The YT feature is the cause, but who knows what else might have amplified that. Possibly :slight_smile:

Back on topic.