When you die and respawn, do you keep your items?

It’s been a while since I’ve died in this game but my character is stuck in a dark void and I don’t have enough crystals to teleport them to a portal. I’m planning on letting them starve to death. If they die and I wait for them to respawn, will they keep their inventory? I’m on a public server and have another blockhead spawned in if that changes anything.


is it a custom rules no death world? if so you cant die. is it survival? then you will just drop a few things i think. is it Expert? then you lose everything.

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Only knew about survival. Some random itens drop, the other are kept in the inventory

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Are you not able to watch advertisements in order to get more time crystals?

Be precise, what type of server it’s in? Custom,Survival,Expert? If you’ve chosen your Blockhead’s fate to die (by clicking the R.I.P button), then unfortunately no, it won’t save your items. You’ll respawn without your items. However, if you die without clicking the R.I.P button, you’ll simply drop a few items, depending on the rules of the server.

I forgot about that, thanks

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BTW, when using Time Crystals, teleporting to a specific location with a portal might increase the TC value if you’re more further away from that precise portal (meaning that you have to spend more TC when you’re further away than the portal).