When your boat forgets how to boat


Has anyone else encountered the glitch where if you hit the shoreline in a boat at top speed, your boat will start sailing through the land? I encountered this glitch the other day, and got video of my boat floating over the land. Unfortunately, I was unable to recreate the glitch on camera, and the site won’t let me post the video here, but I’ll see if I can post it somewhere else and leave a link.


This happened many times to me, the boat really needs to stop running away from us.


I always bring extra boats with me incase one decides it doesn’t like me anymore and runs away


This is an easter egg that Dave added.


I think you’re wrong.


easter egg to what? exactly


I’ve actually made a thread of this with pictures :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we have the link?



Where did you get that idea?


I don’t think it is…