Where get coffee beans please hlep

I must get coffee so i dont have to sleep because sleeping is boring. Where does one find said coffee beans??? Ive gone to both poles and havent seen a single one


They grow naturally near either equator, which to be clear are where the fullness hat and happiness skirt are found. Generally there are should be a handful scattered around both of them assuming they didn’t spawn in the middle of the ocean.

The trees are smaller than most trees and are this light-ish neon green and have grey trunks. Once it sprouts a coffee cherry you can convert that into a green coffee bean at the press.

Here’s a picture of one. HD and original textures.

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there are 4 steps to get coffee.

  1. wait until image coffee cherry appears on tree
  2. make image green coffee bean in image press or image electric press
  3. make image roasted coffee bean in image electric stove.
  4. last, make image coffee and relax.
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@Friel, I believe the OP is specifically looking for coffee beans. :slight_smile:

Coffee beans are made in an electric stove after making the uncooked beans in a press

Oh, I meant coffee cherries!

To everyone trying to find coffee cherries - try meditation! You can get em as a prize (and remember: ALWAYS PLANT THEM IN COMPOST INSTEAD OF NORMAL DIRT for best results!) I got em via meditating in all the times I’ve played BH

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Yeah, but it’s less of a struggle to go to both poles rather than meditate for like 10 hours. Just my 2 cents.