Where in the play store did tbh go?

I got a new (just new for me) phone and I want to download tbh. I put in a search on the play store, and it is not there! It looks fine, except tbh is nowhere to be found. Does anyone else have this problem? (BTW my phone is an android) Please help me!!!



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The other person is my brother, actually.

Maybe blockheads is not available in your country

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Do you live in the U.S.A. @Octo?

That could possibly be the problem?

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was TBH in the playstore when you had your old phone?

I didn’t really have an old phone, I just played on my brother’s. I think it worked fine on there, though. The really funny this is that on his phone he downloaded tbh when it was on the store, so he has it on his phone, but he can’t find it on the store even though he can play it.

Wow, that’s weird. I think that happened to me once. Try writing the WHOLE name if you haven’t, literally The Blockheads.

If that doesn’t work, try searching Noodlecake Studios or Majic Jungle Software. That might work.

What is your device version? It might not be compatible for your device and his device.

(Example: 6.0.1 marshmallow)

Ok, I figured it out. My phone was rooted, and it was using something called Safety Net that filters apps. For some reason, it thought tbh was bad, so it didn’t show up. My bro is taking it off now, so problem solved! :slight_smile:


Hopefully you write down your support ID!

Also what is a “root”?

(Not a scientific root, but a phone root.)

I think it’s similar to jailbreaking your phone.

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Yes it is. It is an andriod version of jailbreak.

Well then don’t jailbreak your phone!

He had a app or something that blocked the game, the root wasn’t affecting it

What is a jailbreak? Is it something illegal or something?

A jailbreak removes iOS restrictions so people can unofficially edit the OS. It is not illegal I believe but Apple dislikes this and refuses to give support to a jailbroken device.

A root is like a jailbreak but more risky. The device could get “bricked”, meaning it cannot do anything, like a real life brick. It voids your user warranty. Rooting can also could bring on malware on the system.


Either majicdave dosent want people to buy blockheads


Your country banned blockheads



It works in aficanada

@TheFoil he had his device rooted and he had a certain app that didn’t let him download The Blockheads.

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