Where is this

Nudity?? Tobacco use??? I wanna know where all these new features are! Jk maybe it’s referring to online people’s pfps.

Yep, you’re right. It mostly refers to how multiplayer doesn’t really have a filter. You can get away with saying almost anything through the chat function, and the rating is because of that. The rating was lower before (I think 9+?), but people raised concerns with how easily accessible online worlds are, and they are definitely not a good place for children.

Drug use is coffee. Perhaps cartoon fantasy is the hostile mobs and death?


Maybe it is because of this?

No… it covers like most of the blockhead and there is a top piece

maybe that’s why it says mild

If there is a dude wearing a speedo and tank top in public is that nudity? Mildly?

Yes, it could possibly count as “mild nudity” in certain situations.

Have you seen what the female characters wear?