Wheres the safe apk to download the game?

Actually (at least for me) that happened but if you just install it it’ll be fine. I installed it on my android tablet and nothing bad has happened.


Ahh thanks for clearing that out!! I downloaded it again and you were right :slight_smile: The game still has the allow tracking feature implented (which I think what led to google play store removing the app). Anyways, cant thank you enough :slight_smile:


It asks for your consent. Why would that lead to the app being removed from the Google Play Store?

Google Play didn’t remove it. The Android developer/publisher did, because it had game-breaking bugs, and Google wouldn’t let them update it for technical reasons.

Ahh… thanks for clearing that one! I speculate what lead to the game being removed from the play store was due to Google’s updated publishing policies and the game not reaching those requirements

Blockheads is 32 bit, and all apps need to support 64 bit. Google promised Noodlecake an exemption to update the app, but every time they tried to take up the offer things went pear-shaped, so they’ve admitted defeat. It’s really sad.


Was an exemption also made for the iOS version?

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I’d assume that Dave has compiled it for 64-bit already.

Is there anything stopping them from supporting it to natively run in 64-bit?

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I assume that would require a lot of work. Maybe Noodlecake Studios decided that it wasn’t worth all the effort to completely rewrite such an old game for 64-bit architecture?

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As long as it’s written in a higher level language (such as C) all they need to do is recompile it for the target architecture with minimal modifications, if needed at all.

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Is that still worth it to Noodlecake Studios though?

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Yes, there is.

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apkpure is safe! i’ve used the apk from there and it is fine :slight_smile:

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You should probably only use the APK that is provided from Noodlecake Studio’s website.


Wait as in he already tried to path all the bugs and possibly even has but google denied the update submission?

I’m not totally sure what the first half of that sentence means, but yes, Google rejected it when Ben tried to submit it, because it’s not 64 bit compatible.

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I cant spell i meant patch not path. Cant we get an updated apk in the website then? Id love to be able to play this fixed version :frowning:

Wumbo linked to the official APK above :arrow_up:

So the apk listed there is the most bugless possible up to date version? Im already happily enjoying playing that version but struggling to buy anything using tc so cant have max fun

Correct. Sorry about the in-app purchasing not working. Such transactions require the Google Play platform, which is no longer available.