Which custom setting affects water in caves?



When creating your world, which custom setting can remove water caves? Oceans, lakes, or none?

Yes, I know that I could just simply set the setting to no caves, but I want the caves for a specific purpose.


That’s actually a good question…


Referring to you and repeating Wumbo, good question.

My best guess for you would be lakes if any, since oceans generally contain a more defined form with kelp, treasure and more. Lakes appear to have more lenient requirements for bodies of water, so that’s my best assumption.(Emphasize assumption.)


Probably oceans, since most likely all water caves are connected to oceans.
You should try by testing in single player worlds.


I don’t think this is accurate. There are tons of water-filled caves I’ve come accross that often aren’t connected to oceans in the slightest.


Most of them are.
What I tried to say there (Sorta) was that it may not be only one setting.
I’ve seen a lot connected to oceans, so it might be rivers and oceans.


I don’t think I’ve ever come across a flooded cave that is linked to an ocean, except where someone has mined through the floor of an ocean and flooded it themselves.

I don’t think it’s something you can control, but I’ll ask Dave.

Edit: Dave has confirmed it’s random, but if an ocean or lake has a cave opening out of its floor then you will get ocean or lake-related flooded caves. In other words, you can reduce the likelihood a bit by having no bodies of water or fewer, but you can’t stop them existing in your custom world.


So we were all right (technically).
That is good.


Seems like somebody made a custom hot, dry server with no oceans and the ONLY way we could find water was to get lucky with an occasional flooded cave.