Which one do you like better?


  • Free Build
  • Factions with groups/guilds

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I’m going to be totally honest, that’s a hard decision.


Thats a very hard choice, I like pvp when its custom, healths on hard, and its on no regen, free build, sure, depends on the mood.


fReE bUiLd


Whats factions?


I can do free build on my own at any time, but I can’t do factions by myself


Neither. I’m a WFS player :slight_smile:


Factions ftw! If you have a good server with good players you can build amazing structures and have the PvP


Funny thing is, my two/three experiences with faction servers were not much more from freebuild. Maybe it was because I had put so much effort onto the server, but if you grind long enough you end up possessing infinite resources, or at the worst knowledge of where to find said resources on your map. And combat becomes redundant, probably because fighting with titanium tier armor is no fun.
So you basically have a stalemate on the server and a ton of every item you’d need to work with for building


Part of factions is building bases, so our experiences are the same pretty much. There is a server I love called battle scars where titanium armor and jet packs are banned, and the PvP is constant. There are no active admin and there is seemingly always 10 people online, so I suggest that for all your factions needs!


I’ve always wanted to see a faction server. Sounds interesting.

Any good and active faction servers out there?