[Whitelist Removed] Mac World: Regia



Regia is a Mac server that is very kindly hosted by Wingysam. Here’s the link: http://theblockheads.net/join.php?ip=block.wingysam.xyz&port=15127&name=REGIA

Here’s the welcome message. (regibus425 is my IGN)

Welcome to Regia!

Owner: regibus425
Host: Wingysam
Admins: MissFullOfFish62

What is Regia?
Regia is a 1/16 size, mountainous custom rules server with more plants, trees, gems and more. There are more sky islands, many of which can be seen on the sides of mountains. The server is small, so there are no long travel times to get to places. Here, players have to learn to live together in a challenging environment.

What are the rules?
I’m glad you asked! We use a points system with players getting points for breaking rules. If you get 20 points, you get banned! If you don’t break any rules for a whole month (1st day to last day) you lose 5 points. Mostly common sense rules, as follows:

  1. No hacking WHATSOEVER or talking about it. Punishment: 20 Points.
  2. No griefing anything that can be considered a build. If it’s literally a dirt tower, you’re encouraged to get rid of it. Punishment for griefing actual builds or anything that could be considered one: 15 Points.
  3. No being unkind to other players. Do unto others as you would wish them to do to you. Punishment: 5-15 Points depending on the severity.
  4. Keep it PG. You well know what that means. Punishment: 20 Points.
  5. No creating stupid things e.g. random holes. Punishment: 4 Points.
  6. If somebody asks for payment for something e.g. travel on a train or an item, pay immediately or leave. No haggling, it wastes time. Punishment: 8 Points.
  7. Do as you are asked by members of staff above you. Punishment: 20 Points.
  8. If you are mod or admin, don’t abuse your power. You know what I mean. Punishment: 10 Points.
  9. If you build a house at ground level, either use wooden doors or make an underpass/overpass. Punishment: 3 Points.
  10. No roleplay, dating or anything like that - as mentioned in rule 4, keep it PG. If you don’t want to, go somewhere else. Punishment: 12 Points.
  11. Don’t advertise. If you want players for your server, make a thread about it on the Blockheads forums, you’ll get more attention that way. If you make a new friend here and ask them to come to your server after playing for a while, that’s fine - what I mean is joining, saying ‘Come play on this server!’ and leaving again. Punishment: 7 Points.
  12. Don’t ask for ranks. If you want a rank, do lots for the server and you will be noticed. Punishment: 5 Points.
  13. Only I, regibus425, can currently appoint new mods or admins, so please do not do so yourself. This might change in future. Punishment: 20 Points.
  14. When you cut a tree, leave the stump. When you harvest a plant, replant it if possible please. Punishment: 3 Points.
  15. Please don’t build houses in the no houses area at spawn. There are signposts at either side of the area, and you spawn within it. Punishment: 5 Points.

Is there a starter kit?
You get 10 gold coins when you join which you can spend. That’s it. Apart from that, everything on this server comes at a price.
How do I get around?
There will soon be a server railway. Until then, you’ll have to walk - sorry.
Are there any events coming up?
Here are all the events on Regia in the next month. All times are GMT, and dates are in the format DD/MM/YY.

Flaxcote West - Cacton Railway Opening: 30/11/18 6:45pm
Cacton - Oakfield Railway Opening: 02/12/18 6:00pm
Oakfield - Pinestone Railway Opening: 05/12/18 6:45pm
Pinestone - Flaxcote Central Railway Opening: 08/12/18 8:15am

Thanks for reading this far. Have fun in Regia!

Server Owner

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Cubetopia 2? :wink:


I’m joining when it is ready.


I’ll join it when it’s ready too!


Is it possible if you can protect my new colony New Canada from Raiders? I mean like the buildings. Not the chests.


@Brer-Rabbit Kinda. Although the custom rules are slightly different and being a Mac world, it won’t just run out of credit in two seconds.

@WooHooGaming13 Umm… I think you have the wrong thread, correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks for your interest everyone, now we’re just waiting on Wingy. I’m not sure if he’s still making new servers - if not, I’ll have to find a new host and I think there are others providing servers.


This server sounds good, I assume building deep underground is allowed?


Of course, as is building high in the sky.

Speaking of where you can build, I might make a certain area around spawn that is shops and things only so it’s easier for new players to find them - do you guys like this idea?

  • Yes, make a small area with no houses (all levels)
  • Yes, make a small area with no houses (near ground level only)
  • No, don’t make a small area with no houses

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Thanks, Sheep


I do have the right thread. Just when it is available I just need protection for my colony when I make it.


Oh okay. I’m not sure when this server is going to open though - I asked Wingy over a week ago now.

If he doesn’t get back to me by Friday, I’ll give him a nudge. I might have misspelt my forum username in the form or something.


yeah, that happened to me.


Edited thread title to reflect that it’s a Mac world.


The server is now up and running! I’ve done the basic setup, so here’s the IP and port:

IP: block.wingysam.xyz
Port: 15127

Some things:

The spawn is minimalist and small, and I want to keep it that way. Other facilities, like places to sleep and a railway station, will be seperate buildings. All that the spawn has is a bin (hole to drop unwanted items in) and a trade portal. Feel free to build what you want around the spawn (but NO houses, you have to go outside the No House Zone), and ask me to protect it once it’s done. I might make a community crafting building sometime soon, and once we get the trade portal to level 6 (currently at level 3) I’ll start building the server railway. For now, please do build whatever you want on the server to make it feel a bit busier. I might make players spawn with a jetpack and some fuel as well so they can easily travel around the map until the railway is done, should we?

  • Don’t give new players a jetpack
  • Give new players a jetpack

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Here’s the link:


the games gets boring when someone gives u a free jetpack or a valuable things just let everyone earn thier own after running the server i mean after some time when the server gets active u can give free jetpacks to daily players
sorry for my english


Thanks very much for your opinion!

The Flaxcote Town Railway is now open, the start of a round-the-world train line. First train and grand opening is at 2018-11-25 19:45 (Europe: Paris), 2018-11-25 10:45 (America: Los Angeles) tonight at spawn. I’ll do another running of it at November 26, 2018 6:45 PM (Europe: Paris), November 26, 2018 9:45 AM (America: Los Angeles) and other ones when I’m online. It’ll be a train with 4 passenger cars, however in future the line may operate with freight. The fare is 10 CC and you pay me on boarding, but I will give you change for a gold coin.

In future, there will be stations at Clayseed Valley, Pinestone, Oakfield and Cacton to the east of Flaxcote Central before coming back round to Flaxcote East.

Scheduled line openings in future:
Flaxcote West - Cacton: November 30, 2018 7:45 PM (Europe: Paris), November 30, 2018 10:45 AM (America: Los Angeles)
Cacton - Oakfield: December 2, 2018 7:00 PM (Europe: Paris), December 2, 2018 10:00 AM (America: Los Angeles)
Oakfield - Pinestone: December 5, 2018 7:45 PM (Europe: Paris), December 5, 2018 10:45 AM (America: Los Angeles)
Pinestone - Flaxcote Central via Clayseed Valley: December 8, 2018 9:30 AM (Europe: Paris), December 8, 2018 12:30 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Also, do you guys think we should have any Christmas events? Reply to this post to suggest any!

Edit: The first train on the Flaxcote Town Railway has now run:

Here’s the timetable for tomorrow night:


Oo trains. I like driving trains. I’ve never been on a train irl tho. Can I be a train driver for you? Lol


When it gets a bit busier, I’ll give people licences to drive trains. You’ll be the first, and so will anyone else who comes on tonight. I’ve had a change of heart. Anybody who wants to drive trains on Regia, specifically @VolcanoFlame, PM me and we can arrange a time for you to be trained.

I’ve now driven tonight’s train. Here are some screenshots:

As you can see, the line is sloped, as Flaxcote Central station is much lower down than Flaxcote West.

Also, all the other people who said they would join - @WumboJumbo, @WooHooGaming13 and @Light_Slack, the server is now ready, please do join,


Sounds good!


The server appears to still be on whitelist! :sob:


This is what happens when I don’t check regularly. And yes. It is still in whitelist.