Who else hate, when this happen?


A way to discourage players a bit from doing this is by simply moving the trade portals a bit farther from spawn. Those with the intention to do that will not make a commitment to the server anyway, so there effort is low to find the trade portal.


I can see a lot of stone in the litter. Stone is the second fastest way after baskets to produce litter because it fills up a stack with one tap.

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I hate that as much as you. :angry:

Other people’s trash can be another person’s treasure. Though this isn’t accurate, spam is trash. Lag is trash. Totally agree with you, hateful.

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sometimes it good to have the trade portal right next to the trash chute(a hole straight to lava)and just make cleaning up easier.
Or just set the trade portal to normal,and allow everything free when there are admins supervising the server.


The best part: The trade portal ain’t set for free.

Or putting trade portal by the trash chute.

Yeah. Those player on the picture, they help clean the mess up, so did I.

The trade portal is normal but, this server never do free since April 6. They could have built a trash chute by the trade portal. And the admins, there be 1 Admin online.

Well the money come by easy for them I guess,wasting money just for this.But yeah,stone is fairly cheap.
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At least they had the decency to clean it up, plus all the things Zen said.

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I think there should be a janitor job where you get issued which server has the trash in and then you go there to clean it up.

Reward for every server: 20TC

I wish it was :smiley: