Who here still plays 'The Blockheads'

For me. i barely go on it sometimes. As i as a young teenage adult have moved on to other interests that seek me better. Plus for whatever reason i see blockheads as something that should stay in the past for me.

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Hi Lord-Hyness. I just started playing again today. I feel the same way about blockheads. I remember it used to be fun, but when 1.7 came out and my server ran out of credit, we all switched to Minecraft. What was your story on playing blockheads?

Well, most people on this forum probably play Blockheads. :wink:


im drowned by school but i play it every once in a while :slight_smile:

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I play all the time, especially because of my server. My sister plays some of the time, and my dad plays on rare occasions. We just started working on a new single player world that will probably get them on more heh


I still play a bit, but usually just on my single player worlds


“Everyone “

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I mainly only lurk nowdays due to the fact that there is no PC port of the game (how reliable is bluestacks?)


not very reliable :frowning: , but if you are just looking for some fun, it works :slight_smile: just prepare for having to move your mouse, rather then fingers.

Still here but not doing much.

Though, I’ve slowed down significantly over the past few months, I still occasionally play.

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I think the overlap of active forum members and active players is fairly low.

The forums community has always represented a small fraction of the active user base. That’s normal across the industry. Most players never interact with the developer at all.

I don’t really play anymore. I feel like lack of consistent updates and the fact that features fans ask for are often ignored just kind of makes the game a lot less fun. Most servers are boring because you join and they already have as many resources as you would need in endgame. There’s not many small servers which are just starting out, so it’s a lot less fun than it used to be.

@Temmonade the game is pretty much done getting new features. That’s just something we have to live with, as all good things come to an end eventually.

However, I contend that you need not necessarily find servers boring because they have advanced to endgame items. That is only part of what I consider to be the draw of the game. I immensely enjoy exploring a good server with fantastic builds to discover. Pick some recommendations from the servers represented on this forum and go explore! Some even still provide the aspect of survival, because while other players might have jetpacks and diamond trade portals. YOU don’t yet. And then there are servers that encourage PVP or have building competitions. I have 2 servers with challenge maps that I am willing to add credit to for anyone wishing to try to master the brain teasers and survival challenges.


And there’s always more ways to add discrete rails to awesome builds to make them rideable while exploitable…
I miss ya, Boss! :cowboy_hat_face: