Who remembers the time when the blockheads was fairly active

Thinking about it, where the blockheads was fairly active was between 2014-2018/2019. not entirely sure, but after that point it just seemed like it died ever since 2021. But i am not too entirely sure at this point, as i stopped playing frequently somewhere in 2020. Like there were times where i just wouldn’t touch the game for a few months, maybe months. i am not entirely sure.

The Best times for me at least. Definitely were mid-2014, mid-2016, mid-2017, and early-2018. It’s hard to believe it’s already been many years…

If only the blockheads was still the same as it was back then. but alas it just seems like the game is almost dead at this point.

The Servers i remember playing on were
Skylands Arena, Kepler-186F and Kepler-452B, Land of De Nile, Skylands Odyssey, Rabbithole, AtlanticFortres (blockserver), Global-World 2 (blockserver), Griffin-Land, Dodo-Lakes, The Dodo Seed, and Many Others.

Personally what i feel like what lead to the downfall was the lack of updates and that Dave wanted to move on and make a new game, and the high rate of TC Piracy that went on throughout Early 2015-Early 2018

I’ve played this game growing up and I know how you feel. Watching something / someone wither and fade away feels awful. It just happens. We can’t stop it, we can’t slow it, it’s all up to dave.


Is this indicative of anything?

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don’t we all remember?

Where is that? I know it’s recent because it has applesaucy in it. I’m not actually sure where dave’s gone but it’s nice to see that he’s still active :slight_smile:

On the sapiens discord

He said that in the Sapiens Discord server. :slight_smile:

I agree -I played this game since 2016. During 2016, servers were filled with the minimum of 5-9 people (this might not be precise because it’s a while ago). Between 2018 to 2019, I’ve noticed a trend that the amount of people in each server is declining, but it’s still active.

During 2019- present, there’s fewer and fewer people in servers, and literally only 1-3 people (not including me) are playing in most servers I’ve joined to. The game itself was losing a lot of players (in which discourages me to join servers).

I agree with this as well (besides 2014, I didn’t even knew this game existed lol). 2016-2018 is when servers were active -where socializing to a group of people is common frequently. But additionally, 2017 hyped me in regards of the 1.7 update -providing a lot of features in the game.

I remember. Good times :lol:

Yeah lol