Why are some cuss words not filtered on blockheads?


Many of us have probably expirienced it.

Somebody cusses but it doesn't come up with the message saying "your message has been modified to 😡 "
Ive noticed that whenever this happens, the swearing player is using symbols such as ã, î, ù, etc. insted of a, i, u. Why arent these filtered?


It’s not the best filter, to be honest. If the server directly states that profanity is allowed in its welcome message, or the owner, then the server should be reported to milla.

To report a server to milla, message her by clicking the message button on this page. Give the server’s name and owner. Screenshot may be necessary. ONE SERVER PER MESSAGE


Unless it’s private.


Because there are so many variations on English profanities, and so many other languages, all with their own profanities, and there are tasks for me to do that are a better use of my time.


milla still needs to lock the server on private.




I’ve seen the same situations by players using those accent marks and like someone was saying the ‘n word’ and it didn’t seem to be blocked out.
I banned the player but like it’s alright now.


People would still be creative and find a way to substitute letters for others, numbers for letters, and symbols for letters.
Doing this would take for what would seem forever. Some people are just really creative


Seriously “creative” is an excuse for using foul language?


No, but trust me, there are way too many symbols and letters people have used to bypass the swear filter. Take it as this-


Not an excuse. A vector for it. If you’re creative you can get around a lot of basic mechanisms.