Why are there so many Dating and Sex servers in The Blockheads

There’s no reason to date and have sex in the game. Its just too stupid it’s just a game no one can have sex and dating between game

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Because the Internet is anonymous and teens have hormones.


Just report inappropriate server to support at theblockheads.net and let milla take care of them (:

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Well, I wouldn’t exactly say dating is impossible. Dating online is hard, don’t get me wrong. But you can make it work if you try hard enough. It takes a heck of a lot of trust, and effort. But possible nonetheless. It just depends on the amount of effort both parties want to put in. I used to be completely against it, but now I’m not exactly sure where I stand. Yes, the servers out there who just put “hot sex” as their title are shallow, but if two people meet and have a genuine connection, it’s not always a bad thing either.

I do agree with what most of what tanooki said though. If I were to take a guess, I’d say most people are probably just desperate so they go to those servers.

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I already reported one about a week ago. I clicked to join a random server and at spawn there were REALLY inappropriate pictures.Im sure this server was already taken care of.

Dating servers dont make sense in a kid friendly game, but there will always be some, Plus what tanooki said.

And like Yatch said, Online relationships CAN work, My cousin met her husband online 5 years ago on call of duty, they are both happy and have two kids. :stuck_out_tongue:

The ones which are more than just dating servers should not be public. Those are the ones to report if they have mature content.

We don’t want sexual stuff on our network. Too many of our customers are young children. Reporting these as calumon said is really helpful to me in my ongoing battle against smut in the cloud :slight_smile:


Once i joined a world called Edepot, I thought it was the real one but when i joined… really INAPPROPIATE paintings… i will report that server for sure…

It seems like if a server puts “dating” in its name, it’ll get a huge amount of players. And these servers are just plain disgusting. I’d also just recommend reporting these.

Most of the servers with around 10+ players are like this. Don’t get me wrong, lots of excellent servers/at least not inappropriate ones can reach 10, so please don’t post about that. These days I almost never step out of the servers I already have. (Except some on the forums), because I’m afraid of what I’ll see.

How do you report servers? Or do you mean just emailing support?

Yes I agree. And it’s quite sad and funny, how a player randomly asked how to make pigments for paintings on a dating server and everyone just continued meditating and replied saying they had no idea.

I think we can report it to milla?
But ive seen server MOSTLY say “dating is allowed”“have sex!”"date or sex if not get ban"
Ive seen some innapropriate picture so much!
Even i have seen in youtube “how to sex in the blockheads”(i watch it and its DISGUSTING eww)
Some people doesnt allow dating in some server but they DO date
How can we stop this?

When you see one just throw away your device and bleach your eyes.

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hmm lose your phone and get blind? Not happening.

Alexandra if you search for “contacting me” you should come up with a sticky note post by milla about emails. I would send an email as instructed there and add the server name and maybe the owner (?) Also make sure to explain why you are reporting that server. Hope that helps!

I found a new fun AND VERY SATISFYING hobby in blockheads before I went to my temporary break:

  1. find a disgusting but popular server

2 ) go to a trade portal

  1. get rich

  2. now for the FUN PART!


-special thanks to acorn for teaching me this

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If u find a server with innaproprite contact. ,u can report it to support at theblockheads.net

Take photos if possible and send them and chat that is of bad content , server name and server owner name ( in some cases it’s the players that put bad things , and owner may have no idea as not been in for a long time )

Now some of u r kids so takeing picture. May not be good , so just giveing the server name. And if profile pictures r bad u can give the name to milla so she can check it , if that’s possible

I recently got a server shut down. , that had underage picture. And much more , I had to. Fully delete em of my device , as in uk it’s illegal to have them :confused:

In regards to greifing . As unholy said , it’s not recommended if reports are sent to milla of griefing like this. I’m pretty sure milla has said it will be dealt with ( the dealt with part I think it only if u take stuff , but @MILLA can confirm on the lag grief if reported , is it dealt with ), she does not approve of greifing , specially if it going to cause major lag … Lag that can lead to corruption and or broken data , then leading to be fixed by support , I will have to find that info and put it here

Found it sorry it picture form

It is an exaggeration of “just forget about it”.

People on the forums don’t have much humour.

ISSAC!! :D, Slay these kids with crazy hormones !

I’m about to report one of these servers in a few hours! :wink: